Azerbaijan Tennis Federation was established in 1995. Ogtay Asadov has defined new directions for the development and promotion of tennis in the country since he was elected president in 2004. O.Asadov contributed in the formation of the national team consisting of young tennis players, organizing national and international tennis tournaments in different age categories, expanding relations with international tennis federations. Also, for the first time in the region, in cooperation with the WTA (Women's Tennis Association), O.Asadov had invaluable services in organizing the first professional tennis tournament "Baku Cup" among women with a prize money of 220,000-250,000 US dollars in 2011-2015. Either, the series of Tennis Europe tournaments and international tennis tournaments dedicated to the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev are held in the country every year.

The Azerbaijan Tennis Federation also ensures the participation of young tennis players in training programs, championships, cups and professional tennis tournaments organized abroad. The support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan in this matter should be also noted.

The federation also organizes social programs to promote tennis at schools in connection with World Tennis Day. Here the students are introduced to the basic techniques of the sport of tennis, they are provided with tennis equipments to arouse interest for playing tennis.

The Azerbaijan Tennis Federation recognizes the rule and regulations of the Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency and complies with the rules established by it and cooperates in the implementation of doping control.